Panther Roar Marching Invitational

Band Classification

Classifications will be in accordance with FMBC regulations and bands can only choose to be put in the exhibition class for ratings. If you would like to perform in a larger class please indicate that on the band registration. Here is the class structure for reference:

  • Class 1A (1-45 All Performers)

  • Class 2A (46-69 All Performers)

  • Class 3A (70-99 All Performers)

  • Class 4A (100-145 All Performers)

  • Class 5A (146 All Performers)

  • Ratings Only (FBA Style)

  • Comments Only


There will be adjudicators present to critique each band in the following captions:

Music Individual - Mark Cole

Music Ensemble - Dick Turner *Chief Judge*

Visual Individual - Kevin Devitt

Visual Ensemble - Joseph Cavallaro

Music General Effect - Kathy LaVay-Turner

Visual General Effect - Katie Buelow

Percussion -Paul Gansemer

Color Guard - Aleah Seah


Every band will receive a participation plaque with recognition if they have earned a superior or superior with distinction in the captions of music, general effect, visual, percussion, and colorguard. The top 3 in each class will a placement trophy.